Cancer cervical bleeding.

Cancer cervical bleeding has ended About Cristina Nastase o tanara in varsta de 21 ani,a plecat in urma cu doi ani in Londra,pentru a munci in domeniul hotelier.


Sperand sa-si construiasca un cancer cervical bleeding mai bun acolo,a muncit din greu,fara oprire in tot acest timp. Numai ca,la un moment dat Cosmarul Cristinei a inceput in luna februarie,cand durerile abdominale au devenit insuportabile. A ajuns pentru prima data la urgenta spitalului West Middlesex din Londra,unde medicii au spus ca este doar o infectie ce trebuie tratata cu anibiotice. Cum chinul a persistat,o luna mai tarziu,Cristina a ajuns din nou la urgenta aceluiasi spital,unde a si fost internata timp de 3 saptamani!

Acolo au inceput experizele medicale,doctori solicitand ajutorul specialistilor oncologi cat si genecologi.

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Tratamentul constand in 5 sedinte de chimioterapie si 8 saptamani de radioterapie,tratamentul inceput in luna mai. Cu toate acestea,inainte de inceperea tratamentului,a fost decoperita o deficienta a rinichilor si a suportat o interventie chirurgicala,implantarea unui sten canalului ce leaga vezica urinara de rinichi.

Dupa terminarea tratamentului,medicii specialisti i-au confirmat Cristinei faptul ca poate pleca inapoi in Romania,daca aceasta doreste.

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Tratamentul decurgand peste asteptarile medicilor,i sa aprobat intoarcerea in tara cat si revenirea cancer de piele netratat o viata normala.

Pe cancer cervical bleeding de 10 Septembrie,Cristina ar fi trebuit sa revina in Londra pentru un control de rutina numai ca aceast lucru nu a mai fost posibil,din cauza posibilitatilor financiare foarte reduse.

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Pe data de 14 Septembrie,cosmarul Cristinei ,a lovit din nou,ajungand la urgenta la Spitalul Judetean Constanta. Cauza fiind o hemoragie puternica in dimineata acelei zile,cat si durerile insuportabile ce au sosit odata cu aceasta.

cancer cervical bleeding

Medicii acestui spital,au spus familiei sa inceapa sa se roage la Dumnezeu deoarece doar puterea divina o mai poate salva Noi insa,ne-am interesat de tratarea ei,si am descoperit diferite clinici din Europa,printre cea mai buna,fiind Privat Klinik din Austria. Nu sunt posibilitati financiare pentru ea sa se poata face bine.

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Familia nu dispune de bani altfel incat Cristina sa poate fi tratata,cat nici macar pentru a i se face alte experiteze medicale de calitate! Ajungand la cancer cervical bleeding puterilor,apelam la buna vointa oamenilor si rugam pe cei ce pot oferi o donatie entru ea! See more Cristina Nastase a Year-old woman left in London two years ago to work in the hotel business.

cancer cervical bleeding

Hoping to build a better future there, he worked hard, without stopping all this time. Only at some point Cristina's nightmare began in February, when abdominal pain became unbearable.

He first arrived at West Middlesex hospital in London, where doctors said it was just an infection to be treated with anibiotice. As the torment continued, a month later, Cristina ended up in the same hospital, where she was admitted for 3 cancer cervical bleeding That's where medical training began, doctors were looking for the help of oncologists and oncologists.

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The tumor was discovered about 6 CM, which is why speciali Treatment of consisting cancer cervical bleeding 5 chemo sessions and 8 weeks of radiotherapy, treatment started in may. However, before the start of treatment, a kidney deficiency was found and suffered surgery, the implantation of a sten to the canal that links the bladder to the kidney.

cancer cervical bleeding

After the end of the treatment, the specialists cancer cervical bleeding Cristina that she can go back to Romania if she wants. Treatment of health above doctor s' expectations, has been approved to return to the country and return to a normal life. On the 10th of September, Cristina cancer cervical bleeding have come back to London for a routine check only this was no longer possible, due to very low financial possibilities.

On September retete de detoxifiere a organismului, Cristina's nightmare struck again, reaching the emergency at constanta county hospital. The cancer cervical bleeding was a strong bleed that morning, as well as the unbearable pain that came with it.

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The doctors of this hospital, told the family to start praying to God because only divine power can save her Now begins our call to you, those who managed to read the story of the young woman until the end! There are no financial possibilities for her to get better. The family has no money so cancer cervical bleeding Cristina can be treated, not even for other quality medical care!

New 'super' aspirin shrinks tumours for 11 different cancers

Reaching the end of our power, we appeal to the good will of the people and ask those who can offer a donation for it! United together we can give Cristina a chance at life! See more Translated ·.