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The Healing Mind Ronald Kotulak. But Descartes, whose works were placed on the Church's Index of Prohibited Books inbelieved the two really interacted in the brain. Using the fledging powers of observation and deductive reasoning that he was then developing, Descartes could conclude that "the mind is so intimately dependent upon the condition and relation of the organs of the body, that if any means can ever be found to render men wiser and more ingenious than hitherto, I believe that it is in medicine they must be sought for. Unlike earlier notions about the mind-body connection, which were often based on anecdotal stories or simply "gut" feelings, scientists now can document through powerful imaging technology what Descartes could only deduce, that our thoughts are capable of producing dramatic chemical and physical changes that directly affect our health.

A team of highly dedicated and purpose driven people. Through cancer care ontario e learning rigorous hiring process, we evaluate educators across four areas of professional practice standards that align with the VIS approach.

The Healing Mind

Application information and background We interview most staff on more than one occasion to ensure we have thoroughly inquired about their past endeavours and personal values, driving force and passion. After this stage we then explore and cultivate the following areas: Interpersonal The interpersonal domain requires leadership and collaboration.

Verita educators must seek understanding through empathetic listening, work interdependently, communicate with clarity and precision, and demonstrate capacity for community building. Instructional Hpv virus is it an std instructional domain requires critical thinking and self-direction.

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Verita educators must be responsive; practice informed decision-making based on data and observations; and work with intentionality and patience. Cognitive The cognitive domain requires curiosity and creativity. Verita educators must demonstrate capacity to respond with curiosity, question, apply past knowledge, pursue new knowledge, and innovate on their practice.

Empowering Educators Once we hire exceptional educators, we empower them to facilitate the best education possible for your children. Educators are supported by A creative and constantly innovating development model of events and trainings Opportunities for professional growth and development The flexibility to create meaningful experiences for their students A professional learning community from which to draw and share best practices Employment If you want to work on our amazing team of world-class educators, please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected] Management Team Richard Joannides Founder Richard graduated from Loyola Marymount University — Los Angeles, California with a degree in Early Childhood Education Master Degree from Oxford University in History.

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As a full-time father of three boys, Richard is passionate about children and education and has been working for the last five years as a teacher and Director of Social Emotional Learning. Richard is also a play therapist with young children diagnosed with cancer at the Fundeni Hospital.

He has over 10 years of experience with Mindfulness Parenting and teaching and has traveled the world to attend many courses, retreats and workshops in America, Europe and Asia, led by such eminent teachers as Jack Kornfield, John Kabat-Zinn and Susan Kaiser.

His hobbies cancer care ontario e learning music, guitar and tennis. Founder of Verita Group: January — present Verita International School brings a new approach to education with emphasis on teaching children wisdom in life.


Education is one of the single most vital elements in combating cancer care ontario e learning. Other important projects include: Helping children with cancer, the Elderly and Hospice Centers. His teaching career took him all around the West Midlands where he was previously a head in a small primary school with students and then Head of a much larger primary school of over students. Read More He has a very clear sense of purpose and the necessary determination to make that a reality, he wants every child to truly enjoy learning — a key skill we need to pass onto our children.

His special areas of interest are in the development of language and Mathematics. He passionately believes in challenging and supporting the staff at Verita to ensure that the quality of teaching and learning improves year on year. Every person is precious in his eyes, their talents and gifts are there to be honed and improved upon so that they can truly achieve their dreams. Mason is a dedicated and student-focused educator.

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He is a lead-learner who is able to manage operational matters of school organizations. He is skilled at driving academic improvement, motivating top performing teams, and leading schools through critical transitions. Read More Mason holds an Ontario Principal certificate, a bachelor of Arts and Education, as well as a Masters of Education with a focus on educating culturally and linguistically diverse students.

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He has led three schools through the accreditation process. He brings his passion for curriculum to Verita to develop and improve our ieyc, ipc, and imyc curriculum framework. He holds an honours degree in Literature, Anthropology, and Education.

Rico has spent the last several years teaching abroad. It was here where he refined his inquiry-based approach to learning cancer care ontario e learning the IB framework.

cancer care ontario e learning

Read More It was here where he refined his inquiry-based approach to learning through the IB framework. But the roots of his inquiry- based approach began during his formative teaching years back home in Toronto at an IB school. During his time here, Rico worked extensively with the Ontario curriculum in conjunction with the IB which fostered his cancer care ontario e learning for inquiry- based approach to learning. Lastly, Rico believes that relationships are the most important aspect of educating teenagers.

Fostering a positive relationship with teenagers comes first, educating them comes second.

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In essence, Rico does not believe you can teach teenagers before you reach their hearts. Then she cancer care ontario e learning a private English Kindergarten and taught over children English, Math, History and many others for 32 years.

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Her life went through schools, marriage, 1 son, lots of hobbies reading, music, sports, travel, theatre, film, languages, sewing and, lately, 2 lovely granddaughters. In Gabriela joined Richard in this beautiful project called Verita International School, a dream that she had for a long time… So she continues teaching with passion, in a new environment.

Continuity and change! Educators Wendi Shumard Secondary Mathematics Hailing from the United States of America, Wendi is a  seasoned international educator, whose most recent post was as head of mathematics on the island of Curaçao.

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Wendi also has experience working in Turkey and the United States.