Condyloma acuminata journal

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Men are the most affected, but some cases were described in women.

condyloma acuminata journal

It is usually an exophytic, ulcerative and cauliflower-shaped tumor. It can in filtrate the adjacent tissue.

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The treatment is based on surgery, but relapses are very frequent. The search strategy employed MeSH terms and keywords designed to optimize the identification of randomized trials, guidelines, and systematic reviews on Buschke Löwenstein disease. From January to Decemberwe dermatologists of hassan II hospital in Fez, conducted a prospective trial in collaboration with urologist of the same institution.

condyloma acuminata journal

Informed, written condyloma acuminata journal of all participants was taken prior to enrolment. We analyzed the result of primary surgery, long term survival, recurrences.

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Recurrence was clinically evaluated and defined as the appearance of new condylomatous lesions. A large resection involving subcutaneous fat was performed. Local treatments were applied with hydrocolloid dressing until complete recovery.

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All the tumors were excised and send to pathological examination to confirm the diagnosis.