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Loiko ; Alexander V. Konkolovich; Alexander A. Due to their relatively easy preparation and processing, the PDLC devices found many applications such as displays, architectural windows, energy control devices, projection displays, spatial light modulators, polarizers.

Carbon nanotubes CNT have excellent mobility and are suitable as doping nanoparticles in order to improve the electrically- controlled orientation of LC. Experimental results are presented for the films obtained by solvent induced polymerization method, using polymethyl methacrylate and a nematic LC, E7.

The obtained films are characterized by polarized optical microscopy, differential scanning calorimetry and electro-optical transmission. Author s : C. Zenkova ; D. Ivanskyi ; V. Tkachuk Show Abstract The paper presents main theoretical approaches allowing for calculation a set of optical forces and momentum in a birefringent plate.

The obtained results will be of vital importance in numerous areas where one operates with minute quantities of matter such as nanophysics, nanophotonics, precise chemistry and pharmacology etc. Author s : Emil M. Oanta ; Razvan Tamas; Mirel Paun Show Abstract The paper is an exploratory research regarding the identification of some intraductal papilloma surgery recovery time the basic ideas used to conceive solutions of general-defined problems.

In this way, there is firstly presented the set of ideas used to choose the type of model to be developed. The general problem solver and the related problems are also presented in the paper.

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In this case there is used a greedy approach which may lead to large run time values of the according software. To significantly decrease the computer time used to solve such a problem, there is also presented a method used to minimize the search space of the candidate solutions, in this case being used an intelligent solver, that is more effective than the greedy method.

Two examples of models based on the previously presented general directions are also given. The first example presents an algorithm used to solve an equilibrium problem in ship strength problems.

The second example is in electronic engineering. The ideas presented in the paper are important to identify the concepts employed to design modeling strategies and also for the development of the original software instruments structured as reusable libraries. Cr2O3 single crystal was selected as a sample, because it is a well-known antiferromagnetic material involved in a phase transition at a Neel temperature around 34°C.

In the paper, the photothermoelectric PTE method, in back detection configuration was applied in order to obtain the critical behaviour of the static volume specific heat and dynamic thermal diffusivity, conductivity and effusivity of Cr2O3. Due to the fact that, usually, the Seebeck coefficient of the LTE materials is larger than that of solid TEs, a comparison with the same type of investigation, based on a solid thermoelectric sensor was performed.

A second comparison with the results obtained by using the classical photopyroelectric PPE method indicates that the PPE method is still more accurate for such type of investigations. Author s : Nicolae A. Mihailescu Show Abstract The increasing of popularity of implant treatments and the increasing number performed methods in recent time opens the new possibilities to use together the decontamination intraductal papilloma surgery recovery time adhesion of implant surface to the organic tissue.

These studies are stimulated by a lot of incidence of short-term and long-term complications which took place in the last time. It is proposed a set of modern effects in the bimolecular interaction of radiation with the human organism in order to apply it in bioinformatics and modern medicine.

Taking into consideration treatment for eyelid papilloma advance equipment in photonics like photonic crystals and photonic-crystal fibre we are interested to use this optical systems in modern intraductal papilloma surgery recovery time in order to treat the surface infection formed on the surface between the implant and cellular tissue in the process of poor adhesion.

Considering the advanced equipments of modern photonics such as photonic crystals or photonic crystal fibers, we propose to use these optical systems in the controlling and managing of modern therapeutic implants.

Such metamaterials like photonic crystals, each can be deposited on the implant surface and can be used as a dispersion of UV radiation on the large surface to treat infection on the surface between the implant and adhesion tissue.

The adherence of implant to the human tissue may be accompanied to the growth of cells between the elements of bubble structure of implant surface. Here we have a possibility to restore periphery neuronal system in order to feel and to control the surface of the implant by the brain through our neuronal network. Author s : A. Farcas ; A.

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Resmerita ; F. Farcas; A. Rotaru; M. Balan-Porcarasu; M. Asandulesa Show Abstract We report the effect of the macrocyclic encapsulation on the photophysical properties of poly 9,9-dioctylfluorene-alt-bithiophene polyrotaxanes copolymers. These supramolecular compounds exhibited distinct improvement in the solubility, molecular weight, film forming ability, surface-morphological characteristics and reduced aggregation tendency compared to those of the neat compound.

Also, the threading of conjugated backbones into macrocycles leads to an increasing environmental stability and resistance to quenching from impurities. Fluorescence emission PL shows vibronic transitions and a mono-exponential kinetics. The electrochemical data provided that the investigated compounds exhibited n- and p-doping processes.

Based on AFM analysis, polyrotaxane compounds exhibits a higher tendency to organize into fibers or linear ribbons. Author s : Aurelian A. Puscas Show Abstract The amorphous films show many physical properties which differ from the crystalline state.

One of these is the optical transparency photoinduced by light with photon energies higher than optical bandgap. The phenomenon is especially large in amorphous intraductal papilloma surgery recovery time films. However, the changes of optical constants are too small for optoelectronic applications.

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In this paper we consider structure were the amorphous As2S3 film is placed in intraductal papilloma surgery recovery time structure which forms a surface plasmon resonance structure. The reflected light is coupled with waveguide modes. The experimental studies show that high nonlinear changes may be achieved for the light intensity of 12 mW when the incident angle is close to resonance.

For some film thicknesses the SPR resonance was achieved with prism made from BK7 glass, which is important opportunity for applications. Author s : M. Popescu; F. Nastase; I. Mihalache; M.

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Banu; V. Tucureanu ; C. Ungureanu; B. Tincu ; R. Tomescu Show Abstract In this paper we aim to develop a summer garment with improved ultraviolet UV protection. Due to its lightweight and breathability, cellulose-based viscose rayon was selected to be covered with inorganic Ease film. Atomic layer deposition ALD is a intraductal papilloma surgery recovery time technique that delivers uniform coatings with controlled thickness. Viscose fragments were evenly covered with ZnO at °C in high vacuum, and their properties were tested against UV exposure and wettability.

Morphological examination conducted by scanning electron microscopy SEM and energy dispersive X-ray EDX elemental analysis demonstrated the uniform deposition of ZnO onto the porous semi-synthetic material. High wettability of viscose was restrained by the ZnO superficial layer, as revealed by contact angle measurements.

Optical absorbance and transmittance evaluated by diffuse reflectance spectroscopy DRS displayed the increase of the absorption peak below the nm wavelength in dry and wet conditions, after the ZnO functionalization.

The co-precipitation method was used for the synthesis of YAG:Ce yellow phosphor. The transition from the amorphous state to the crystalline was observed at a temperature of °C. In order to obtain a better dispersion of the nanoparticles in the polymeric matrix has been chosen a capping agent.

The structural analysis of the nanocomposite and the phosphor were studied by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction, morphological properties were investigated by scanning electron microscope, and photoluminescence spectrometry has highlighted the applicability of phosphors and, implicitly, of the nanocomposite for application in emitting optoelectronics. Author s : Alina Matei; Vasilica Tucureanu ; Marian Popescu; Cosmin Romanitan; Iuliana Mihalache; Bianca Ţîncu ; Marioara Avram Show Abstract Intraductal papilloma surgery recovery time present paper focuses on the obtaining of ZnO in powder form with a limited distribution of the nanoparticle size using different types of surface-active agents and optimizing the synthesis conditions.

The coprecipitation process was chosen for the ZnO powder synthesis in the absence and in the presence of surface-active agents, being cervical cancer mortality one of the most common synthesis and processing methods for producing nanostructured materials.

The use of agents consists in preventing the nanoparticle size growth, but also in stabilizing the aggregation trend effectively by controlling structural features and by reducing the oxygen bridge bonds between particles. The anionic surfactant SDS sodium dodecyl sulfate and the cationic surfactant CTAB cetyltrimethylammonium bromide were used to modify the size, morphology and surface properties of the precipitated nanoparticles.

The development of this type of material encourages the uses in many applications in nanotechnology, electronics, optics and other areas of modern science and technology. Author s : Bianca Ţîncu ; Andrei Avram ; Marioara Avram; Vasilica Țucureanu ; Alina Matei; Cătălin Mărculescu; Tiberiu Alecu Burinaru; Florin Comănescu; Iuliana Mihalache; Marian Cătălin Popescu; Ioana Demetrescu Show Abstract Due to the honeycomb arrangement of carbon atoms, graphene exhibits unique properties, such as superior thermal conductivity, exceptionally large surface area and zero bandgap, and has become one of the fastest growing domains of scientific research.

Many processes have been developed to obtain single layer graphene by chemical vapour deposition, but the main drawback of using graphene in large area industrial manufacturing processes is the transfer procedure from the transition metal to the target substrate. In the present paper we study the possibility to obtain single layer graphene by chemical vapour deposition CVD on copper catalyst and transfer it to different substrates.

Author s : Daniela Avram; Dan Nicolae Ungureanu ; Nicolae Angelescu; Ionica Ioniţă; Elena Corina Popescu Show Abstract The addition of silver ions in the structure of materials with medical uses is a relatively recent technique for orthopedic and maxillofacial reconstruction and aims to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination in the implant.

One of intraductal papilloma surgery recovery time compositions synthesized by the sol-gel method has been doped with silver. The unsoaked samples show specific spectra of the amorphous structures corresponding to glasses, such as calcium phosphates and calcium silicates.

The only crystalline formations present in the glass doped silver structure was metallic silver, highlighted by the peaks at After soaking in simulated body fluid SBFboth compositions exhibit bioactivity, formation of hydroxyapatite HAp on the surface of the glasses, after the first 3 days, with an apparent maximum after 14 days.

The silver doped sample has an increase in the number of HAp intraductal papilloma surgery recovery time and after 21 days of immersion, which confirms the assumption that the presence of silver ions increases the effect the bioactivity of the glasses [2].

Author s : Doina Sibiescu ; Mihaela Vizitiu Show Abstract During the last century, the synthetic dyes have taken a pivotal role in many domains. Part of this class is the Cochenille Red dye. It can be used as such for wool, nylon, silk, inks, paper, plastics, wood stains, leather tanning and processing. But still in the above mentioned fields it is used as well or even with much better results as ligand being complexed with different metal cations.

This domain has been approached by us in previous studies in various papers. The range of use areas is extended for foods drugs, intraductal papilloma surgery recovery time, hematology and histology stains and last but not least, in photography, too.

Due to these multiple uses, we have found it useful to study its behavior in an acidic medium in the presence of an oxidizing agent. Chromate [Cr VI ] and azo dyes like Cochenille Red are common pollutants which may co-exist in some industrial effluents. The degradation kinetics of the oxidation process of Cochenille Red dye using inorganic oxidizing agent K2CrO4 have been investigated under various experimental conditions: different concentrations of H2SO4 [ -5· M ] and temperatures [ and K].

A kinetic model for oxidation of Cochenille Red dye by the combination of chromate was developed based on experimental results. The thermodynamic activation energy was calculated from the rate constants of the oxidation process of the dye, measured at two different temperatures, and K. We concluded that the negative value of entropies of activation indicate that the reaction occurs between ions of similar charge.

Based on our experimental and literature datawe conclude that the destruction of azo-chromophore group by the inorganic oxidizing agent K2CrO4 is explained by the highest oxidation state of this intraductal papilloma surgery recovery time.

Author s : Alexei Meshalkin ; Oleksandr Paiuk ; Elena Achimova; Alexander Stronski Show Abstract An curve-fitting method for accurate determination of optical constants and thickness is presented for chalcogenide glasses thin films. Proposed curve-fitting method is based on numerical simulation of transmission spectrum based on film parameters obtained by Swanepoel method cura de dezintoxicare cu usturoi comparison one with experimental transmission spectrum.

It is shown that modeled spectrum is not fully corresponding to the original measured spectrum due to inaccurate absorption coefficient determination in the region of Urbach absorption.

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Adjusting of absorption spectrum with further numerical simulation of spectrum allows achieving the best correspondence to original transmission spectrum. It solves the problem intraductal papilloma surgery recovery time the accurate absorption coefficient calculation in the different absorption regions. Finally, dependencies of the absorption coefficient on wavelength of the nanomultilayer chalcogenide intraductal papilloma surgery recovery time structures were obtained from transmission spectra using the proposed method.

Author s : Simona Spînu ; Alina Orţan; Ionuţ Moraru; Daniela Ionescu Show Abstract The Earth was and still is abundant fulga reteta detoxifiere all domains of fructification and humans, from the beginning of time, tried to improve by different meanings the life on earth in order to reach superior living conditions. Thus, in the recent period, the advanced technologies are the main power of people for development and making daily activities easier, but the depletion of natural resources, the natural calamities and the increasing consumption led to awareness of citizens about the intraductal papilloma surgery recovery time and converting of agro-food industry wastes into valuable materials that could be exploited in new and better ways.

Bio-waste capitalization is an attractive domain of research, due to the fact that many industries can use value-added products from agro-food side streams. The most of agro-food sector waste contribute to the main purpose of researchers for reducing the consumerism at big scale, to recover important bioactive compounds and to develop new value-added by-products with essential role in capitalization and minimization of wastes at global level.

This work represents an exploration of agro-food wastes as an alternative resource implemented by biotechnology industry and a review about the advanced and fables green techniques adopted in the capitalization of agro-food wastes. All the aqueous extracts are characterized by means of qualitative e. Antioxidant activity of both aqueous extracts and metalic nanoparticles is measured and the formation of both metalic nanoparticles is confirmed by optical microscopy OM images.

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The easiest way to observe the formation of AgNPs and AuNPs is the visual change in color of the plant extract solutions which is then confirmed by recording the UV-Vis spectra. Biosynthesized silver and gold nanoparticles are compared to those obtained by classic chemical synthesis. AgNPs and AuNPs further react, for 96 hours and under constant stirring at room temperature, with the two Pcs to obtain complex nanoaggregate materials whose potential formation is analyzed by means of intraductal papilloma surgery recovery time investigations e.

The shear forces measured values, the LEDs bonds micro sections and the tratament durere gat after shear testes analyses and interpretations, facilitate the construction of a database that provides support for the development of temperature-sensitive optoelectronic device assembling solutions by bonding, using ECA.

These solutions papillomavirus gorge avoidance of their functional temperature failures during classical assembly processes, comparing ECA curing and reflow temperatures.

Author s : Cristina Cirtoaje ; Emil Petrescu Show Abstract The paper is concentrated on the study of basic properties of a nematic liquid intraductal papilloma surgery intraductal papilloma surgery recovery time time mixture with graphene nanoplatelets GP. This analysis might provide valuable information about the anchoring forces of molecules on graphene surface and the possibility to control the alignment angle by GP concentration and the applied voltage.

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Freedericksz transition threshold was determined from the voltage dependence of the light intensity through the sample placed between crossed polarizers. The results indicated a decrease of the critical voltage when low amounts of graphene was added into the mixture 0. For higher graphene concentration 0.

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Author s : O. Iaseniuc ; M. Iovu; A. Ghiulnare; R. Mesterca; A. Jderu; M. Enachescu Show Abstract Raman and infrared spectroscopy are efficient methods for obtaining information on the local structure of the disordered material, especially, when the composition is varied. In particular, Micro-Raman spectroscopy have been used for study of genetic papillomas ternary GexAsxSex glass system, for which different intraductal papilloma surgery recovery time in dependence of it mean coordination number Z exists in different phases - floppy, intermediate and stressed rigid.

It was shown that position and intensity of these vibrational bands slightly depend on the composition and of the material state thin film or powder. It was established that for the Ge0. For all samples of the glass composition Ge0.

Author s : V. Damian ; M.

Table Of Contents ; 6 1 ;. Journal of Mind and Medical Sciences.

Bojan; I. Iordache; P.

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