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E-mail Print PDF It is well known that smoking and alcohol are the main risk factors in head and neck cancer. More recent studies however show that HPV human papilloma virus infection is, perhaps, the most important factor, increasing cancer risk 32 times, compared to a mere 3 and 2. According to studies by M.

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Gillison, there are two head and neck cancer inducing methods: one through carcinogenetic effects cancer inducing effects of alcohol and smoking and the second through genomic instability caused by HPV, a sexually transmitted disease. Surprisingly, there seems to be no connection between HPV exposure and smoking or alcohol consumption.

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The study carried out by M. Gillison, after comparing patients recently diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancer with healthy subjects, showed that oral-genital contact is closely related to oropharyngeal cancer. Study participants who said they had more than six different partners for oral sex had a 8. Virus transmission through kissing or touching cannot be ruled out, however.

Viral types with high carcinogenesis risk for head and neck cancer are types 16 and 18, just like with cervical cancer.

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Moreover, types 6 and 11 of the virus can be hpv high risk pool in the mouth, oral-pharyngeal region and larynx. HPV related cancer mainly affects the genital area anal, cervical, vaginal, vulvar or penile cancer. HPV vaccine, which is administered so as to prevent cervical cancer and hpv high risk pool of pre-malignant lesions determined by HPV type of viruses, can also offer protection against oropharyngeal and laryngeal malignant lesions and pre-malignant lesions papillomasince the viral types involved are hpv high risk pool same.

However, studies in this direction have not yet been completed.

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Hpv causes in females the moment, there are ongoing European studies focusing not only on HPV infection prevention in the upper respiratory tract, but also on an increase in specific immunity against cancer causing viruses 16 and Epidemiologically, Bacterie sau virus vaccination might drop the risk of getting sick, both as regards genital papillomatosis venereal and as regards upper respiratory tract papilloma.

Vaccination of healthy contacts is also recommended, given how the disease is transmitted.

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Corina Mella: Sexul oral practicat cu mai mult de 6 parteneri poate duce la cancer oro-faringian determinat de HPV Se cunoaste faptul ca fumatul si consumul de alcool sunt principalii factori de risc in aparitia cancerului de cap si gat. Studii mai recente au hpv high risk pool insa ca infectia cu HPV human papilloma virus este, poate, cel mai important factor, crescand riscul de cancer de 32 de ori, fata de cresterea de numai 3 si respectiv 2,5 ori in cazul fumatului si consumului de alcool.

Conform studiilor lui  M. Gillison exista 2 cai de inducere a cancerului capului si gatului: una- prin efectele carcinogenetice efectele de inducere a cancerului ale fumatului si alcoolului, cealata prin instabilitatea genomica indusa de HPV, o afectiune cu transmitere sexuala.

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Surprinzator, nu pare sa existe sinergism intre expunerea la HPV si fumat sau consumul de alcool. Studiul efectuat de M. Gillison, in urma compararii unui lot de pacienti diagnosticati recent cu cancer de orofaringe cu subiecti sanatosi, a aratat ca, contactul oro- genital este strans corelat cu cancerul oro-faringian. Participantii la studiu care au declarat mai mult de 6 parteneri sexuali diferiti pentru sex oralau un risc de imbolnavire de cancer oro-faringian determinat de HPV de 8,6 ori mai mare decat ceilalti.

Nu poate totusi fi exclusa transmiterea virusului hpv high risk pool sarut sau pe cale tegumentara. Tipurile virale cu risc inalt de carcinogeneza pentru cancerul de cap si gat sunt hpv high risk pool 16 si 18, la fel ca si pentru cancerul cervical.

In plus, in cavitatea bucala, oro-faringe, laringe se mai intalnesc tipurile 6 si 11 de virus. Cancerele cu determinism HPV afecteaza in principal zona genitala cancere anale, cervicale, vaginale, vulvare, peniene.

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Legatura intre HPV si cancerele capului si gatului, in special cu cele orale si laringiene, este o certitudine, astfel incat vorbim in prezent de carcinoame o forma de cancer epithelial cu cea mai frecventa forma anatomo-patologica - HPV pozitive si carcinoame-HPV negative cu implicatii majore in prognosticul bolii. Vaccinul impotriva HPV care se administreaza in scopul prevenirii cancerului de col uterin si a aparitiei leziunilor premaligne determinate de virusuri de tip HPV, poate oferi hpv high risk pool si impotriva leziunilor premaligne papiloame si maligne orofaringiene si laringiene, intrucat tipurile virale implicate sunt aceleasi, desi studiile in acest sens nu au fost inca finalizate.

Dr. Corina Mella: Oral sex with more than six partners can lead to HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer

In prezent exista studii europene in derulare care vizeaza nu numai preventia infectiei cu HPV la nivelul hpv high risk pool respirator superior, ci si cresterea imunitatii specifice impotriva virusurilor oncogene 16 si Din punct de hpv high risk pool epidemiologic, vaccinarea impotriva HPV ar putea scadea riscul de imbolnavire nu numai pentru papilomatoza genitala venerianaci si pentru papiloamele tractului respirator superior.

De asemenea, se recomanda vaccinarea contactilor sanatosi, tinand cont de modalitatile de transmitere a bolii. Corina Mella.