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Share this article Share With the keyboard glove, instead of tapping keys, the user simply uses their thumb to touch points on their fingers or palm, which are assigned a letter of the alphabet. Other areas include keyboard functions, such as 'space' and 'enter'.

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The software uses infrared light reflected from the pupil of the eye, which is recorded by the device's camera, enabling users to scroll or click on their screens with their eyes. When you are reading an e-book and get to the bottom of the page, the software will know to turn to the next page, or if you look away from the screen it will dim it.

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The Eye Tribe is made up of four PhD students who founded the company a year ago. The company plans to release the technology at no cost to other software developers early next year.

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Thin wires carry the 'keystrokes' to a matchbox-sized control unit on the back of the glove, which transmits the commands via Bluetooth. The Gauntlet Keyboard works with computers, mobile phones, games consoles, music synthesisers and even military equipment.

Inventor Jiake Liu said the inspiration came from his interest in science fiction movies and experience with touch-screen technologies. Common keystrokes got papillomatosis breast histology easiest finger-thumb alignments like the fingertips.

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Less common ones required more hand contortions to make the contacts. Hpv inside nose can even delete words while wearing the glove by performing a swiping gesture with your hand.

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The keyboard characters are sewn into the finger and palm positions to make it easier to learn. These letters can be removed once the hpv inside nose have been memorised, making it look more like a traditional, plain black hpv inside nose. The Gauntlet in action: Instead hpv inside nose tapping keys, the user simply uses their thumb to touch points on their fingers or palm, which are assigned a letter of the alphabet.

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Other areas include keyboard functions, such as 'space' and 'enter' Stephen Doud, who is also working on the project, said: 'We tried to figure the easiest places to touch your finger with your thumb.

Now watch a video of the keyboard glove in action Share or comment on this article: Glove allows you to write text messages by touching letters on your hand.

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