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And today, just a day after pictures emerged of his extravagant Halloween party at the White House, the most powerful man in America was enjoying more VIP company.

C to chat with President Barack Obama Mingling: Obama walks past Samantha Power, a senior director at the Office of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights The power couple were snapped inside by photographers waiting outside for the President to take off for a trip to Chicago.

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They dropped by so the President could talk with Jolie about her work on preventing mass atrocities and combating sexual violence against women. Worthy cause: The President talked with Jolie about her work on preventing mass atrocities and combating sexual violence against women Pitt was seen sporting a cane, which hpv prevention week canada been using following a skiing injury.

hpv prevention week canada

It's not the first time Obama's met with one of the pair. This is some place: Brad stands in the middle of the Oval Office and looks quite impressed with his surroundings Making themselves at home: Brad and Angelina seemed to spend a long time hpv prevention week canada the President Today's pictures of Brad and Angelina come just a day after the first pictures of the infamous Alice in Wonderland Halloween party at the White House emerged - with guests including Jolie's co-star from The Tourist, Johnny Depp, and director Tim Burton The Obamas have been highly criticised for hosting the lavish Halloween party at the same time that the country was in the midst of a recession.

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The initial news of the party came from a book, written by New York Times journalist Jodi Kantor, which maintains that the reason why it was kept so quiet at the time was because the administration was aware that it would be in poor form for them to host an extravagant party when so many were suffering financially. The pictures of the event only surfaced yesterday - more than two years on Share or comment on this article: Obama schmoozing again, this time with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

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