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If you don't already have such an item, buy the item first; it includes one free decal tool. Your image will be put into the TF2 art style, by reducing the colors to a small palette from the TF2 universe. Use it to surprise enemies by charging over their heads.

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Fii atent! Be careful! It inflicts no damage at all, requiring you to rely on your primary and melee weapons!

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Nu irosi lovituri! Make every cancer cap template count!

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Use them for more opportunities to hit faster moving classes! Use them in order to incapacitate enemies and assist your team to eliminate key threats. Use in combination with the Flare Gun in order to inflict substantial damage!

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Make sure that you take note of ammo locations and Dispensers to quickly resupply when you need to; also consider equipping the Pistol to be able to deal damage when you can't. Use it in conjunction with a Teleporter in order to quickly upgrade and repair buildings on the frontline. Texas Style!

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These crotchless leather leggings are perfect if you already own pants. Note: To be used as auxiliary pants only. Please do not employ as primary source of pants.