Gastric cancer contouring atlas,

gastric cancer contouring atlas

La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani The questions cover most material with which one would be expected to be familiar.

gastric cancer contouring atlas

Skilled radiologists with NIS expertise provide boardtype questions and high-yield pearls on why the keys to a successful radiology practice involve more than "just reading 'em right. The NIS module was created in response to the fact that radiologists tend to be primarily diagnosis-oriented, but also need to master other important skills to attain and maintain excellence as practitioners.

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Select Features Included are a wide range of high-yield questions with detailed answers. Patient safety, radiation safety, effective patient communication, error prevention, quality improvement, gastric cancer contouring atlas reaction management, MRI contraindications, and more, are all discussed.

gastric cancer contouring atlas

The business of radiology: professionalism, best practices, key performance measures, malpractice, ethics, critical thinking, and more, are explained. Six Sigma and Lean-highly regarded improvement methodologies-are discussed in cogent,easily relatable language.

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Abundant memory aids in the form of mnemonics and tips are gastric cancer contouring atlas throughout the text. Radiology residents who utilize this rigorous ABR exam prep will gain the confidence to attain top scores on the NIS portion of the boards. This book is also an essential resource for established radiologists preparing for the MOC exam.

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