Cheloo cronica unei

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He started out as a producer and sound engineer at Studio Box, the place where he gained most of his experience.

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Starting he has his own studio and is currently promoting his personal label called 16HZ and acts as a producer for two local acts. Their first track together is called 'În Jur' a play on words, "în jur" means "around", while "înjur" means "I swear" and is released on September 13, The day after they have their first concert at a high-school prom. His first single and video will later be extracted from it, thus "Vicii" feat.

Dacă materialul trupei din care face parte a fost unul cu nenumarate lipsuri, Fabricant de gunoi e menit să restabilească acea imagine controversată pe care atât Paraziții cât și Cheloo și-au creat-o prin albumele anterioare. O dată cu Intro-ul sunt date în vileag și alte porecle sau pseudonime sub care se recomandă sau este cunoscut protagonistul: " Cheloo aka Văranu aka Patentu".

Bitză becoming his most famous song. December is the month of Confort 3, an unruly production cheloo cronica unei will bring the Paraziții an enormous success but also a great deal of issues with the National Audiovisual Council.

Cheloo - Calamitati literare (feat. Euphoric)

The video for 'Praf' en. In March Cheloo launches his second solo album called Fabricant de gunoi.

cheloo cronica unei

Their first video combines two tracks, "Operațiunea cur pansat" and "Fabricant de gunoi". In Cheloo released his third solo album called Celcareurăște.

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The last song on this album, Periculos, marks a radical departure from his previous style, combining rap and rock elements. Cheloo has expressed an interest in pursuing a hardcore oriented style.

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