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In celiac disease, gluten generates an immune response that damages the mucous lining of the small intestine; it is believed that a deficiency of gluten-digesting enzymes may underlie the disease.

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Poor nutrient absorption causes foul, bulky, fatty stools; malnutrition; stunting of growth; and anemia similar to pernicious anemia. It can run in families. Children begin having intermittent intestinal upset, diarrhea and wasting at 6—21 months.

In adults it usually begins after 30, with appetite loss, depression, irritability and diarrhea. Symptoms in advanced cases stem from nutritional anemie traducere in engleza and may require supportive measures.

anemie traducere in engleza

A high-protein diet low in glutens and saturated fats usually relieves symptoms. In children, celiac disease usually begins between the ages of 6 anemie traducere in engleza 21 months, frequently following an infection; the course is chronic, with periods of intestinal upset, diarrhea and wasting, interspersed with periods of apparent normality. Adult celiac disease commonly begins past the age of 30; 25 percent of cases report having had repeated attacks of diarrhea or clinically evident celiac disease, in childhood.

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Symptoms of mild celiac disease include loss of appetite and weight, mental depression and irritability and constipation alternating with diarrhea. Advanced cases may display bone pain, deformation and osteoporosis increased bone porosity from calcium and vitamin D deficiency, disturbances of vision from lack of vitamin A, bleeding tendencies from lack of vitamin Cancer gastrointestinal or scurvy from deficiency of vitamin C ascorbic acid.

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The cause of celiac disease is not known: many cases show a familial tendency; the symptoms of most patients are relieved by a diet free of glutens protein constituent of wheat, barley, malt and rye flours and it is believed that a deficiency of certain enzymes peptidases necessary for the digestion of glutens may underlie the disease. Successful treatment consists of the use of diets high in proteins but low in glutens and saturated fats; other supportive measures may be necessary in advanced cases.

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