Enterobius vermicularis pictures, giardiasis laboratorijas testi

enterobius vermicularis pictures

Downloads Descriere produs: Din pacate, descrierea acestui produs nu a fost inca tradusa in limba romana, din acest motiv veti gasi in loc o descriere in limba engleza.

The four series are arranged systematically and constructively compiled, so that each enlarges the subject line of the proceeding one. They contain slides of typical micro-organisms, of cell division and of embryonic developments as well as of tissues and organs of plants, animals and man.

Each of the slides has been carefully selected on the basis of its instructional value.

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They are the product of long experience in all spheres of preparation techniques. Microtome sections are cut by highly skilled staff, cutting technique and thickness of the sections are enterobius vermicularis pictures to the objects. Out of the enterobius vermicularis pictures number of staining techniques we select those ensuring a clear and distinct differentiation of the important structures combined with best permanency of the staining.

Generally, these are complicated multicolor stainings.

Downloads Descriere produs: Din pacate, descrierea acestui produs nu a fost inca tradusa in limba romana, din acest motiv veti gasi in loc o descriere in limba engleza.

LIEDER prepared enterobius vermicularis pictures slides are delivered on best glasses with ground edges of the size 26 x 76 mm 1 x 3". We therefore wish to point out thatdelivered products may differ from the pictures in this catalog due to natural variation of the basic raw materials and applied preparation and staining methods. The number of series in hand should correspond approximately to the number of microscopes to allow several students to examine the same prepared microscope slides at the same time.

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For this reason all slides out of the series can be ordered individually also. So, important microscope slides can be supplied for all students.

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Entamoeba histolytica, amebic dysentery, smear or section 2. Eimeria stiedae, causes coccidiosis in rabbit liver, t.

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Enterobius vermicularis pictures agilis, from earthworm seminal vesicle 4. Fasciola hepatica, beef liver fluke, w.

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Taenia pisiformis, tapeworm, mature proglottids w. Enterobius vermicularis Oxyurispin worm, adult specimen w.

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Echinococcus granulosus, dog tapeworm, cyst wall and scolices sec. Dermanyssus gallinae, chicken mite w.

enterobius vermicularis pictures

Anopheles, malaria mosquito, head and mouth parts of female w. Culex pipiens, common mosquito, head and mouth parts of female w.


Pediculus humanus, human louse, w. Ctenocephalus canis, dog flea, adult w.

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