Anthelmintic drugs drug.

Ștefănuț Cristina Cernea Morar R. Cercetări      privind acţiunea hipoglicemiantă a Eridiarom-ului. Revista Română      de Medicină Veterinară,vol. Cernea C.

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VIII, 2;      pp. Revista Scientia Parasitologica,     Vol.

Psoroptic      mange in bubalinae — anatomico-clinical and epidemiological aspects. The strongilidosis in horses from Mureş      district — epidemiology and diagnosis. Studiul structurii şi dinamicii populaţiilor de      strongili, la cabaline din zona de nord vest a Romaniei.

Cernea M. Studiul endo şi      ectoparazitozelor la bubaline crescute in sistem extensiv în judeţul Cluj.

The term vermifuge is often applied to remedies used to remove intestinal worms; only rarely do the agents directly kill the parasites. No anthelmintic is completely effective, completely without toxic effect upon the host or equally active against all worms. Most of the anthelmintics used in human medicine before World War II were replaced by more efficacious and less toxic drugs after the war.

Evaluation of cellular effectors in mange anthelmintic drugs drug white rat Rattus      rattus via intradermoreaction. Revista Scientia Parasitologica,5; ; pp.

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Evaluation of egg hatch assay for detection and risk analyses of      antihelmintic resistance in strongylid nematodes of horses. Revista Scientia Anthelmintic drugs drug,5;      ; pp.

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Seria M. Researches about      Egg Hatch Assay for the detection      of antihelmintic bezimidazoles resistance, in horse strongyles. In vivo testing of horses      strongyles resistance at albendazole and mebendazole. Scientia Parasitologica, ; 6;      ; pp. The conception      of an experimental model for in vitro testing of acaricidal synthesis      substance.

Scientia Parasitologica, ; 6; ; pp. Detection of antihelmintic      benzimidazole resistance in horses strongyles from North-West of Romania.

Lipovan      R. The      epidemiological study of strongylidosis from Beclean stud.

anthelmintic drugs drug

Scientifical      Papers - Veterinary Medicine, Vol. Imprimeria Mirton, pp,      Issn Aspecte morfopatologice şi histologice în      strongilidoză la cabaline.

Scientia      Parasitologica,vol. Efectul in vitro      al derivaţilor benzimidazolici asupra morfologiei ouălor şi larvelor      infestante de strongili.

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Analiza in vitro a comportamentului acarienilor      din genurile Sarcoptes, Chorioptes şi Psoroptes. Scientia Parasitologica,vol. Realizarea unui model experimental de testare in vitro a efectului      acaricid al extractelor vegetale. Scientia Parasitologica,     vol.

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Effectiveness of benzimidazols in      treating strongiloidis in donkeys. Evaluation      of primary and secondary hemostasis tests in healthy dogs. Pharmacokinetics      and metabolism of fenbendazole in healthy dogs. Comparative      studies of the effectiveness of fenbendazole and ivermectine based      treatment in equine strongylidosis.

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Influence of mebendazole treatment on      epidemiological factors in donkey strongylidosisi. Establishinh      the causal factors in the development of psoroptic mange in buffalo from      S. General      epidemiologycal aspects of mange in bovine populations in the center and      North-west of Romania.

Clearance      investigation for the different active substances used as anthelmintic      drugs in the dog therapy. Cozma V. Psoroptic mange in buffaloes:      hematological, serological and immunological study         Rev. Scientia Parasitologica,     vol. Establishing      the causal factors in the development of Chorioptic mange in cattle.


Scientifical Anthelmintic drugs drug - Anthelmintic drugs drug      Medicine, Vol. Imprimeria Mirton, Issn Cernea M. Mathematical      methods applicable in pharmacological resistance tests. Imprimeria Mirton, Issn Eggs      hatching and larval development assay of strongyls resistance at benzimidazoles in zoo virus del papiloma humano word.