Metastatic cancer bones

metastatic cancer bones

Rezumat: Bisphosphonates are effective against the increased bone resorption caused by certain diseases because they inhibit the activity of osteoclasts.

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In patients who have breast cancer and metastatic bone disease, the bisphosphonate clodronate clodronic acid reduces the frequency of skeletal complications. Experiments in animals and preliminary clinical observations indicate that early clodronate therapy reduces the incidence of new bony metastases in breast cancer. We investigated the effects of clodronate on metastatic cancer bones incidence and extent of new metastases in patients with breast cancer.


METHODS: Between andpatients with primary breast cancer and tumor cells in the bone marrow the presence of which is a risk factor for the development of distant metastases were randomly assigned to receive clodronate at a dose of mg per day orally for two years patients or standard follow-up patients.

The median length of observation was 36 months. All patients in both groups received standard surgical treatment and customary hormonal therapy or chemotherapy. RESULTS: Distant metastases metastatic cancer bones detected in 21 patients in the clodronate group and in 42 patients in the control group P Cuvinte cheie: breast cancer, bisphosphonates, adjuvant, clinical trial, clodronate.

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