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About the red cell distribution widt I understand that in both iron deficiency and megaloblastic anemia it should be increased cause it shows the volume differentiation but it is mathematically obscure to me. Good question! The standard papillary thyroid cancer orphan annie eyes of the mean actually does change depending on what type of anemia the patient has.

papillary thyroid cancer orphan annie eyes

Normally, the cells in our blood are all about the same size. So the standard deviation of the mean is fairly low. In some types of anemia, there is a huge variation in the size of the red cells.

Cancerul de colon la femei Cancerul de colon este a treia cel mai comun tip de cancer la femei. Unul dintre simptome este sngerarea rectal pentru care mult lume d vina pe hemoroizi. Apariia sngelui rou sau nchis la culoare n scaunDificulti n nghiire durerea resimit la nivelul gtului i imposibilitartea de a nghii alimente solide pot da de gol cancerul de esofag.

In iron-deficiency anemia, for example, each new wave of iron-depleted cells is smaller than the last because there is less and less iron around. So the older red cells are bigger than the newer red cells.

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If the overall MCV in a particular case is papillary thyroid cancer orphan annie eyes fL, there are going to be some cells the older ones that might be close to 80 fL, and other cells the newest ones that might be around 60 fL. So the deviation from the mean is large, and the RDW is high.

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If you think of it in terms of test scores a topic we all know well! The mean score for the class might be, say Same thing with a blood smear: if all the red cells are roughly the same size, the standard deviation and RDW is low.

If there is a wide range of sizes, the standard deviation and RDW is high. By the way, the place that the RDW is most useful in my humble opinion is in differentiating between iron-deficiency anemia IDA and mild to moderate thalassemia.

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In mild-moderate thalassemia, the RDW is not elevated. The cells in mild-moderate thalassemia are all basically the same size — probably because the defect in thalassemia is static unlike the situation in IDA, where the defect worsens over time, so the cells keep getting smaller and smaller.

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