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How long had you known him when he died? Have you ever been to the North Pole? Cu yet vrem s aflm dac aciunea s-a terminat sau nu: Have you got up yet? Already poate s apar n propoziii afirmative: The student has already translated the lesson.

Since arat momentul, punctul, cnd ncepe aciunea care se extinde pn n prezent. For exprim perioada de timp care continu pn n prezent. Not Go i be sunt diferite ca sens: Tony has gone to York.

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  • Что он не мог разобрать, но все-таки кое-как прочитал первые буквы, В них не было никакого смысла.

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Has she not wart treatment chemist warehouse she been working? Forme contrase: I have Ive; he has hes; I have not havent; he has not hasnt De reinut!

Unele verbe nu pot fi folosite la timpurile continue. I have known Jim for five years. She has loved you since that day. Utilizare Prezentul perfect continuu se folosete: 1.

Comparai urmtoarele propoziii: I have been drinking tea since 5 oclock. I live in this city all my life. My parents come here when they were very young. It rain very much in this region in the spring, but it not rain much ever wart treatment chemist warehouse. We see the famous Heroes Monument several times so far.


The last time we see it was two weeks ago. Martin teach English from three oclock to six oclock. Hes no longer in the school. He leave half an hour ago. We have a test almost every day this week. We have the first test on Monday morning. The weather be terrible ever since last Sunday. It rain every day this week!

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The plumber be here for the past two weeks. He repair the radiators in all the rooms. We learn a great deal of English wart treatment chemist warehouse we come to this school. Our grandmother be with us for the last three months. She go away this morning. Mother help her with her packing before she left. I read many books on cooking and now I can cook a lot of dishes. Grant have a car for years but he never drive at night.

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Mary make a lot of friends recently. Tom always play in the park in front of his house when he was young. Plumb have a lot of trouble with his car lately. He repair it twice so far. You meet Ann? Yes, we meet at the school festival two weeks ago. Barton is not here. He go out of town for the weekend. This famous writer write several novels and last year he write a successful play.

The guests have a good time ever since their 33 arrival.

They arrive by plane three days ago. The students start the exercise at 8 oclock. They not finish it yet. I take a lot of photographs this holiday but they are not as good as those I take last holiday. Margaret buy a pretty dress for her birthday party.

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She buy it at the Unirea department store. My friend Michael is in hospital because he break his leg: he break it two weeks ago in a car accident. Im sorry, I forget his telephone number. I read nearly all Ivasiucs novels. Last week I start to read The Water and I nearly finish it now.

During the winter holiday I read The Birds. Up to now I understand every lesson in the book.

Grammar and Vocabulary Idd

No one find Barbaras glasses yet. She lose them during the Physical Education lesson. We receive his telegram at six oclock yesterday. We already, send him a special delivery reply.

- Всего лишь какие-то обрывки, в полном виде -. Фонтейн медленно кивнул и улыбнулся одними уголками губ. Он искал глазами Сьюзан Флетчер, но она уже стояла прямо перед экраном, на котором крупным планом было видно лицо Дэвида Беккера.

I pay the telephone bill at the beginning of the month. Grandfather never, fly in a plane before. This month he fly twice. Martin is my English teacher. He teach in our school for wart treatment chemist warehouse years. He graduate from the University in Punei verbele din parantez la trecutul simplu, prezentul perfect simplu sau continuu: 1. Since Michael last visit me, he wart treatment chemist warehouse to many places. Dan wait for Henry since eight oclock. Its now half past eight, but Henry not arrive yet.

Where you, be all this morning?

Its nearly noon now. Where be Paul this morning? I rang him up several times before noon. I never, read such a good book gardasil hpv as?s?

nedir this. Brown tell William to go to the grocers since breakfast, but he not go yet. As soon as I do my homework Ill watch television and then Ill go to bed. I know Peter for years; as a matter of fact I know him since I be a little child.

Чем глубже под землю уходил коридор, тем уже он становился.

Please excuse the disorder in the house. I move furniture. How long you watch television? We watch television since eight oclock, but we talk most of the time. I still not mend the dress I tear last week. I phone you for at least two hours. Where you, be? We watch the TV programme several times this week.

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Yes, I dobut I not meet her since. The baby cry for at least twenty minutes. He cry a lot recently. We not receive any letter from him yet but we already, get a phone call. What you, do with my handbag?

It be here a 34 moment ago.