Que es leukemia cancer

Help Gizi fight Leukaemia
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Thank you very much! Up until that moment she was very active, dynamic and always full with positive energy.

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The news came unexpected, out of nowhere, shocking the whole family, friends and especially Gizi. As such a diagnose is hard to deal with, especially when every day without a treatment counts, the family decided to start the treatment in Israel. One week after the diagnosis Gizi que es leukemia cancer her husband were already on the way to the Sheba Hospital and she also started neuroendocrine cancer and pancreas the chemotherapy.

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In Israel she received 2 sets of chemotherapy. After several weeks of recovery, on the 22nd of December finally the good news came: Gizi is in remission! Remission meaning that all the leukemia cells were destroyed, symptoms of the disease were stopped and the blood counts have returned to normal levels.

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After 2 months of praying and hoping finally a light appeared on our way. That was the best news for all of us to start full with hope! Since the 5th of January then finally the process for the transplant started.

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This process is again a difficult and long one. In order to receive the new blood cells, she has to go through a very aggressive chemotherapy.

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Since Tuesday 10th of January the 6-day long chemotherapy started. The transplantation happened on the 16th of January!

que es leukemia cancer

For that reason, we friends and family again need YOU! With all the help what we received until now via bank transfer, online donation, donation in donation boxes, donations from companies, charity events etc. The transplantation costs are We need your help for the rest of the money.

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We hope and pray that in a few months after the transplantation she will return healthy back home to Cluj Napoca! More information about the case and about our friend Gizi you can find here: www.

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